Truth Squad

Voters in the 6th District deserve the truth. When you’re faced with someone who spins reality, you’ll find the facts right here. Our campaign is committed to let nothing but facts determine this election.


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  • Bachmann Mailer Misrepresents Job Report

A Bachmann campaign letter recently stated that a new South Korean trade agreement she supports will create 1,000 news jobs for the 6th district. Unfortunately, the report she was quoting from stated that 1,000 jobs already exist from trade agreements in effect. The letter was also produced and sent at the taxpayers’ expense through her “franking privilege” as a legislator.

  • Bachmann’s Fundraising Whopper

In several urgent fundraising appeals, Rep. Michele Bachmann falsely claims that biased “liberal judges” redrew her congressional district “in retaliation for repeatedly standing up to President Obama.” The truth is that only two of the five judges were Democratic appointees, and Bachmann’s Minnesota district has become even more Republican than it was before.