“New Poll Shows Graves in a Statistical Tie with Bachmann”

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Those are the headlines we’re seeing across the country. The latest poll shows that Michele Bachmann has fallen well below 50% and we are within just five points, 43-48.

Voters got to see Rep. Bachmann’s true colors when she ran for president – and the more they saw, the less they liked. Her extreme ideology has crippled Washington, and working families have paid the price.

If we’ve ever had a chance to defeat Bachmann, this is it. Minnesotans understand that Bachmann abandoned the middle class. And there’s no third party in the race this time to pad Bachmann’s numbers.

But she’ll fight. She’s well-funded and close with the Koch Brothers, who will attack me aggressively.

We can win this race. We can defeat Michele Bachmann. But we can’t do it without your support. Help us show that we have the grassroots support to take on Bachmann and the right-wing extremists.

Tell Michele Bachmann you’re tired of her extreme ideology and that we need to elect someone who will rise above the politics of division that has hurt Minnesota families.

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