Jim joined supporters at the Wild West Day's parade in Zimmerman.
Jim speaking with local resident in Waconia on the fishing opener.
Jim officially announcing his campaign in St. Cloud.
Jim meeting with volunteers at a door knocking event in Monticello.

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• Jim is a job creator, producing hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs throughout Minnesota over his three decades as an entrepreneur.
• Jim has repeatedly proven he can unite people of diverse perspectives in mutually beneficial solutions.
• Jim believes in fiscal and ethical accountability for our elected officials.
• Jim champions the middle class because he believes its vitality is the engine of our economy.

As your Congressman, Jim will work tirelessly, strengthening local businesses and creating more livable-wage jobs throughout the 6th District.

"Minnesota's sixth district deserves a smart, compassionate, business-savvy congressperson who will fight full-time to create livable-wage jobs and strengthen the economy, ensuring a strong middle class and improving the lives of everyone."

- Jim Graves

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Jim Graves Headshot for Press
Jim Graves Headshot for Press
Posted on November 05, 2012